By Jane Meyer

Our first game was against none other than Imagine Mako Polo. The Girls got one up on the board first, shocking the boys with a quick score for Elektra Urbatsch off a Genevieve Randazzo pass. The Makos tied it up and we ended the quarter at 1-1.

The Makos scored another three unanswered goals in the second quarter and the first half ended with them up 4-1. It wasn't looking good. But head coach Gabby Juarez worked some magic in the half and the girls roared through the third scoring 7 to the Makos' 2. Four of the goals were by Electra and included assists from Julia Wolfson and Eva Bouboukis. Not to be outdone, Genevieve scored off a pass from Elektra and assisted Eva with her goal. Julia assisted on a goal by Mia Stankovic to round out the third. Heading in to the fourth, the girls were up 8-6. The boys did not give up but with the help of some great defense, including from Genevieve, Julia and Olivia Smith, they kept the boys to three goals in the fourth while Elektra and Genevieve both scored with assists from the other, for a final score of 10-9 in this nail biter. But that was the theme of the day, as it turns out.

Game two was against the New Haven Hydras. Eva found Genevieve early in the first for the only goal of the quarter. The Hydras scored in the second and that too was the only goal for the quarter. The half ended 1-1. Q3 remained tough and the Hydras hit their mark twice, but the girls continued to fight. Olivia found Elektra who muscled in a goal and Eva threw to Genevieve who got the goal.

A little while later there was some rough play in front of the New Haven goal and the ref called for a 5-meter shot. Genevieve stepped up but had her shot blocked. She kept her wits about her, recovered the ball and whipped it in for a goal!

Talia Willscher joined in with a great pass to Eva who threw the ball in to end the third 5-3. There were some crazy steals in the second half with the ball switching back and forth multiple times in the center of the pool but in the fourth Bebe Currie got to set and Elektra scored. The Hydras hung tough and scored two more but a great passing run from Elektra to Eva to Olivia and with her score, the Brooklyn girls won it 7-5.

They may have had to fight for both wins, but boy did they. Let's go Brooklyn Girls!!!

Brooklyn Girls with Head Coach Gabby Juarez

Brooklyn Girls with Head Coach Gabby Juarez